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“The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (NAELA) newsletter recently profiled a useful guide on when to apply for Social Security benefits, saying:

The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College has made available a handy guide that addresses the question, “At what age should you begin claiming Social Security benefits?” If you’re approaching retirement, it’s the most important financial decision you’ll likely make. The Social Security Claiming Guide sorts through all the options near-retirees need to consider. Presented in an easy-to-read, colorful format, the Claiming Guide shows you where to begin, spells out how much you can get, and answers frequently asked questions about how the claiming process works. A must read for your clients nearing the age of 62!”

Phone: (617) 552-9143
Link: Social Security Claiming Guide
Updated: 21 Apr 2010

“EFPN is an award-winning nonprofit organization that offers community education events and training for financial professionals.

Founded in 2000 and based in San Francisco, California, EFPN partners with financial institutions and financial professionals throughout the United States to halt and prevent elder financial abuse. We also work directly with elders to empower them to avoid financial exploitation.”

Phone: (415) 956-5556
Link: http://www.bewiseonline.org/
Updated: 15 Jun 2010

“The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), directed by the U.S. Administration on Aging, is committed to helping national, state, and local partners in the field be fully prepared to ensure that older Americans will live with dignity, integrity, independence, and without abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The NCEA is a resource for policy makers, social service and health care practitioners, the justice system, researchers, advocates, and families.”

Phone: (302) 831-3525
Link: National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA)
Updated: 15 Jun 2010

“Adult Protective Services (APS) responds to reports from individuals, concerned citizens, social service and health providers, and law enforcement representatives about adults with developmental disabilities, physically and mentally disabled adults, and the elderly, who may be physically or financially abused, neglected, or exploited.

Anyone aged 18 to 64 who, because of their mental or physical disability, or who is aged 65 or older and is suspected of being abused or neglected, is eligible for APS without regard to income.”

Notify APS immediately if you suspect elder abuse. To obtain more information or to report adult or elder abuse call APS in the San Francisco Bay area of CA at (510) 577-3500 or toll free at (866) 225-5277 (national number), 24 hours a day and all referrals are confidential.

Phone: (510) 577-3500
Link: Adult Protective Services (APS)
Updated: 21 Apr 2010

“The Academy seeks to provide support to other organizations serving seniors and people with disabilities. NAELA also examines and advocates on public policy issues facing seniors and people with special needs, but does not provide direct legal services. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact an Elder Law Attorney in your community. You can access a list of our members here.”

Phone: (520) 881-4005
Link: National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (NAELA)
Updated: 1 Sep 2009

“Founded in 1977, Family Caregiver Alliance was the first community-based nonprofit organization in the country to address the needs of families and friends providing long-term care at home. FCA  now offers programs at national, state and local levels to support and sustain caregivers.”

Phone: (415) 434-3388
Link: Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA)
Updated: 28 Oct 2008