Honored eight times. Partners Katherine A. Montgomery and Srinoi G. Rousseau of Camp Rousseau Montgomery, LLP, have been designated again as Northern California Super Lawyers.

We haven’t been spending our time updating our web site, but we are working hard for our clients and their loved ones. We’re a group of people who believe in keeping the high cost of legal representation as low as possible.

We have a new conservatorship client, who hired us in place of their previous counsel. We were shocked to see the fee request that attorney submitted, and was awarded by the Court. It was in the neighborhood of $33,000 to establish an uncontested conservatorship and settle the first account. If we charged those types of fees, it would make it impossible for us to sleep at night. We charge a fraction of that outrageous fee and feel it is a duty and responsiblity to save the money for the care of the conserved person.