Katherine is super yet again! Srinoi is super yet again!

Honored again. Partners Katherine A. Montgomery and Srinoi G. Rousseau of Camp Rousseau Montgomery, LLP, have been designated as Northern California Super Lawyers. Katherine and Srinoi have been included each year, beginning in 2008.

We haven’t been spending our time updating our web site, but we are still here, with our heads down, working hard for our clients. We’re a group of people who believe in keeping the high cost of legal representation as low as possible.

One small example: we make extraordinary efforts to settle a matter on the first date scheduled by the Court (the alternative is known as “continuing” a hearing, and puts it off to a later date, usually 6 weeks in the future). This may seem a trivial thing, but it avoids hourly charges to our clients for traveling to a hearing, waiting for the case to be called, appearing before the Judge, and traveling back to the office. In order to accomplish this, we strive to have our petitions “pregranted” by the Court, i.e., the Court finds no issue with the petition and issues the Order without the costly necessity of an appearance. In the cases where the Court does have questions, they typically make those known a day or two before the hearing. Rather than continue the hearing, we drop everything and draft a “clearing declaration” to address the Court’s concerns, get our client’s signature on it, and file it with the Court, usually on the same day. This is just one of the many ways we strive to protect the interests of our clients — both legal and financial.