Exceptional Senior Placement describes their business thusly: “Compassion, respect and dignity are the foundation of my senior placement business. Being raised in a culture where seniors are revered for their wisdom and experience, I felt a great passion for starting a consulting service where I could be instrumental in helping families find the right placement for their loved ones.”

I have had very good experience with Mona Laichandani at Exceptional Senior Placement. She helps clients find appropriate facilities for the family member who needs care and she is quite knowledgeable about the facilities in the area including those who accept Medi-Cal. She accompanies clients to visit the facility and can help negotiate the contract at the facility. In addition, my partner Kathy reports a favorable experience with Courtney Blair, who worked with a client to find a facility that accepted Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Phone: (510) 910-0344
Link: Exceptional Senior Placement
Updated: 21 Apr 2010