pon your first contact with our firm, you will speak with Office Manager Deirdre O’Connell. She will gather the basic facts about your legal concerns and the names of the people involved, in order to determine if we are the appropriate legal advisor for you. If we are a good match she will schedule a meeting with the appropriate attorney, tell you how to prepare for the meeting and what documents would be helpful to bring. If we aren’t an appropriate match, she will try to provide you with referrals and online resources. There is no charge for your conversation with Deirdre, but please choose a time to call when the conditions are optimal for you, for example, when you won’ t be rushed (allow 15-30 minutes), are in a distraction-free environment, and if at all possible, can call from a land line for the best connection quality.

Deirdre speaks with over 400 callers each year in this process and is remarkably suited to the task. She has an exceptional memory, tremendous compassion and empathy for the needs of our clients, and a well developed problem solving ability that she attributes to being the youngest of a large family. New clients often comment on how helpful she was when they first contacted our office.

Deirdre is a 1980 graduate of Yale University, where she majored in Political Science. She has managed law offices since 1988, and has worked with Priscilla Camp since 1991. She describes herself as a “people person”, and enjoys conversation, especially if it leads to helping someone move toward solutions. Her notes and suggestions are tremendously helpful to the attorneys as they begin working with new clients.